Hertfordshire & Middlesex Moth Group
We are an informal group of moth enthusiasts in Hertfordshire(VC20) and Middlesex (aka North London)(VC21).
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The map shows our area and its main towns, use it to put our distribution maps into context too.

This is a guide to the status of species recorded in our area. Maps are updated to 2022.

The notes are largely based on publications listed here. Notes from Colin Plant's (our County Moth Recorder) 2008 book are now over a decade old and so may not always reflect recent trends, where there are significant changes these are gradually being added.

The flight charts are gradually being updated to show the changes in flight time of many species over the past 40 years..

You can search the database using the Name search or the dropdown lists (right or below depending on your screen size).

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Name search: For any part of the Species (Scientific or English) or Family or ABH number (1st two digits, no decimal point) . This will bring back all records matching your search e.g. Acleris (19 hits) or Quaker (6 hits)or Hepialidae (5 hits) or 74 (11 hits).

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Data is based on the Herts & Middx Moth Database, for which we accept no liability. If you wish to use data for a project/ publication, please contact  to ensure data is up to date